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Preview of new works for spoken word, piano and electronics – featuring Penny Rimbaud


New Album! 

Panacea – Three String QuartetsCD and download

“Three crystalline works that bring a lot of light to our ears..”
-Marçal Borotau, Sonograma, Spain

String Quartet No. 1 – Panacea – full score PDF

String Quartet No. 2 – Stateless – full score PDF

String Quartet No. 3 – Inter Nos – full score PDF


August Ruins – for solo cello – CD and download

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“Peter Vukmirovic Stevens’ August Ruins is one of the finest pieces for unaccompanied cello to come along in a long time.”
Bruce Reader, The Classical Reviewer, UK

“This five-movement, 53-minute suite for solo cello is lush and uncompromisingly brooding. Paige Stockley plays it stunningly.”
– Gavin Borchert, Seattle Weekly

“Profound and gorgeous!  This in an important and wonderful                                                              addition to the cello repertoire.” 
 – Mary Helen Harper, Symphonic Orchestra of Castilla y Leon, Spain

August Ruins reference scores – PDF


Feral Icons – for solo viola –  CD and download

“[Stevens balances] the power and intensity of solo viola, all the while maintaining the sincerity, the vulnerability, and above all, the beauty of a single, unaccompanied instrument.”
– Maggie Molloy, King FM’s Second Inversion, Seattle

“[Feral Icons] is music of great strength and invention.”
Bruce Reader, The Classical Reviewer, UK

“Feral Icons is an album that demonstrates the fundamental quality  and voice of the viola. The music weaves a lush sound of expressive beauty throughout the suite.”
– Carme Miró, Sonograma, Spain

Feral Icons reference scores – PDF


Hear more works at Soundcloud


List of Works

Solo Piano
Improvisations (2017)
Liminal Shift (2016)
La Dharcza (2016)
Corvus Meridian (2011)
Elysium (2011)
Subtle Extinction (2011)
Locus (2010)
Lodestar (2009)
King Rat (2008)
Darjeeling Clocktower Variations (2007)
Ten Preludes (2006)

Piano and Cello
Autonomy (2009)
Equus (2008)

Piano and Voice
Seven Haitian Voodoo Songs for piano and voice (soprano) (2005)

Two Pianos and Percussion
Idiot With Prey (2005)

SATB Choir
Solemn Music, text by Thomas Merton (2008)

Solo Viola
Feral Icons I – VI (2013-2014)

Solo Cello
August Ruins I – V (2010 – 2012)
Coal-Fired Vaccines (2012)

String Quartet
Panacea (2006, revised 2016)
Ignition Fields (2016)
Inter Nos (2016)

Solo Guitar
Nature Morte d’un Après Midi (2018)

Flute and Violin
Illusive (2018)

Saxophone Quartet
Liminal Shift (2017)

Mixed Chamber
Boh Predvichniy (2008)
Asylum (2007)
Destructive Element Immerse (2005)

Percussion Ensemble
L’Ombre de l’Homme à Lomé (2005)

Symphony Orchestra
A Ukrainian Christmas  I – III (2009)

Nine Pieces for Solo Piano and Buddha Machine (2010)
Zenpop (2008)