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Peter Vukmirovic Stevens

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August Ruins for solo cello – CD and MP3, available on Amazon
Barnes and Noble  Target  and  iTunes.

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Feral Icons for viola – CD and MP3 – available on Amazon
Naxos Direct,  Target  and  iTunes.

FI_kickstarter PS version


May 18, 2017

Angelo Rondello concludes his SMEP concert tour featuring my new large work for piano in Kobe, Japan this Monday, May 22.

Shushinkan Hall – 7:30pm

The hall is a former sake brewery! Now, that’s a concert I will sorely miss!


April, 25 2017

Post-fantastic concert in Perugia, Italy!

Pianist Angelo Rondello performed my newest solo piano work, La Dharcza, along side works by composer Fernando Sulpizi.

Pictured here also  with conductor Lorenzo Sbaffi
Teresa Severini – Deputy Mayor of Culture in Perugia,
Daniela Borghesi, Director of International Relations in Perugia.

Not to mention a post dinner/pagan end-of-winter celebration with bonfires set all around the area.


April, 10 2017

Dear Supporters and Friends!

I am very excited to announce that we will record a new album of music! – Panacea – Three String Quartets.

You supported my fundraising campaign, and we reached our goal.     This album is going to be made, and you made it possible.


Recording begins at the end of June and will take place over one month.

This album is a long time coming. Two quartets on the album were composed and premiered in Paris in 2016. The third quartet on the album, Panacea, was composed and premiered in 2006.

We are gearing up to bring you a gorgeous new album. Again, this is happening because of you, and I cannot wait to share the results of this big collaboration with you.

Yours Truly,


Listen to an excerpt from a live 2006 performance of Panacea.



April, 2 2017

Pianist Angelo Rondello will premier my recently composed work for solo piano, La Dharcza – (The Rwandan-Spanish Demon) as part of the Seattle Music Exchange Project tour through the US, Europe, and Japan.

Sunday, April 23                                                                                                                                              Perugia, Italy                                                                                                                                                   Conservatorio “Francesco Morlacchi”

Friday, April 28                                                                                                                                       Pècs, Hungary                                                                                                                                                 Muveszetek Haza

Tuesday, May 2                                                                                                                                   Bergen, Norway                                                                                                                                      Gunnar Sævig Hall – Grieg Academy

Monday, May 22                                                                                                                                           Kobe, Japan                                                                                                                               Shushinkan Hall




Dear Friends!

The time is coming to get something special for your friends and family. Show them you think they are the greatest. Give them original art.

This will also be the end of my “Rhino de Paris” series.

I have made a very limited and special set of marbled prints using three colors: white, red and black.
– and –
White, blue and black.

These three-color, oil-based ink linocut prints are on 12″ X 16″, (30 x 40cm), acid-free 250 gram paper.

They look fantastic.
…and they are ready for a standard sized frame.

  • $75 gets one mailed to you in the US. $40 for each additional print.
  • 50€ gets one mailed to you in Europe. 35€ for each additional print.
  • 35€ gets you one from my studio in Paris.
  • For an extra 10€, wrapped and delivered to your door by bike within the 20 arrondissements of Paris!

Imagine that…!

img_1389Rhino de Paris – rouge/noir

img_1393Rhino de Paris – bleu/noir

Reserve one here.

—————————————————————————————————————————————–– – PARIS
Chers amis!

Le temps est venu d’obtenir quelque chose de spécial pour vos amis et votre famille. Montrez-leur que vous pensez qu’ils sont les plus grands. Donnez-leur l’art original.

Ce sera aussi la fin de ma série “Rhino de Paris”.

J’ai fait un ensemble, très limité et spécial, d’estampes marbrées en utilisant trois couleurs: blanc, rouge et noir.
– et –
Blanc, bleu et noir.

Ces estampes en linogravure à trois couleurs à base d’huile sont imprimés sur du papier de 250 grammes sans acide (30 x 40 cm) de 12 “x 16”.

Ils sont vraiment beaux.
… et ils sont prêts pour un cadre de taille standard.

  • $75 en reçoit une par la poste aux États-Unis. $40 pour chaque estampe  supplémentaire.
  • 50€ vous enverra un en Europe. 35€ pour chaque estampe supplémentaire.
  • 35€ vous obtient un de mon studio à Paris.
    Pour un supplément de 10€, enveloppé et livré à votre porte à vélo dans les 20 arrondissements de Paris!

Imagine ça…!



Interview about my Paris composing residency with newspaper Liberation. (en français!)

Clickez sur photo!




IMG_1067Premiers of two new string quartets.
Ignition Fields and Inter Nos

Monday, June 27.
La Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris
violin I – Heide Sibley
violin II – Cécile Garcia-Moeller
viola – Mara Gearman
cello – Paige Stockley



Group show at La Cité des Arts!
Faut venir mes amis!




Praise for Feral Icons for viola by Bruce Reader from
The Classical Reviewer, UK.

click on image

The Classical Reviewer



Feral Icons for viola CD release party,
September 2015, Seattle.

Mara pic.2Mara:Peter pic. 6▲▲▲


Seattle Pianist Collective poster chosen for inclusion in touring Seattle/Tehran/Havana poster art show.

Seattle graphic designer Sean Waple designed this poster for the Seattle Pianist Collective‘s All Souls’ Day concert.

We are proud this poster will be included in a traveling art show featuring music poster art, touring from Seattle to Tehran, Iran and Havana, Cuba.

Visit Sean Waple at: Studio Niterrant

See some amazing posters in the show: Seattle, Havana, Tehran poster show at Bumbershoot.

All souls poster for web▲▲▲


Feral Icons for viola – available on Amazon
Naxos Direct,  Target  and  iTunes.

Capturing the viola’s rich and haunting quality, composer Peter Vukmirovic Stevens’ second release on Navona Records, FERAL ICONS, is a suite of six works for solo viola performed by the extraordinary violist Mara Gearman of Seattle Symphony. The album embodies the raw and expressive energy of Stevens’ impassioned compositional style, inviting the listener on a dramatic narrative.

Click on the album.

FI_kickstarter PS version III – Sanctuary, from the album.

“[Stevens balances] the power and intensity of solo viola, all the while maintaining the sincerity, the vulnerability, and above all, the beauty of a single, unaccompanied instrument.”
– Maggie Molloy, King FM’s Second Inversion, Seattle

“[Feral Icons] is music of great strength and invention.”
Bruce Reader, The Classical Reviewer, UK

“Feral Icons is an album that demonstrates the fundamental quality and voice of the viola. The music weaves a lush sound of expressive beauty throughout the suite.”
– Carme Miró, Sonograma, Spain



August Ruins for solo cello, available on Amazon
Barnes and Noble  Target  and  iTunes.

Click on the album.

Bandcamp Art-1

V- Thunder, Perfect Mind – solo cello score

“Peter Vukmirovic Stevens’ August Ruins is one of the finest pieces for unaccompanied cello to come along in a long time.”
Bruce Reader, The Classical Reviewer, UK

“This five-movement, 53-minute suite for solo cello is lush and uncompromisingly brooding. Paige Stockley plays it stunningly.”
– Gavin Borchert, Seattle Weekly

“Profound and gorgeous!  This in an important and wonderful addition to the cello repertoire.” 
– Mary Helen Harper, Symphonic Orchestra of Castilla y Leon, Spain

“Great passion, virtuosity, and sensitivity!”
– Matthew C. Weiss,  Octava Chamber Orchestra



August Ruins (Live) out now!

August Ruins (LIVE) for cello, was released on Navona Records on August 12!

The entire August Ruins suite was recorded and performed live in concert by Paige Stockley, the studio album cellist, at Shalin Liu Performing Arts Center in Rockport, Massachussetts in April.

The 54 minute album is available as a digital download through iTunes and Amazon:

In addition, the album has been submitted for a 2014 Grammy in:
Category 78: Best Classical Instrumental Solo

August Ruins (LIve) – iTunes

August Ruins (Live) – Amazon

Paige performingPaige Stockley performing August Ruins at Shalin Liu Performance Hall, Rockport ,MA